Why should I reduce my plastic use?

Some people may be under the impression that most plastic is recycled. However, the US national average recycling rate is only 34.7% (uspirg.org). This means that the majority of plastics end up in our oceans and landfills. Toxic chemicals from plastics accumulate in plants and animals, negatively affecting environmental and human health. We are also running out of space in landfills for plastic waste. At the current recycling rate, the US is predicted to run out of space in landfills within the next two decades, which could have disastrous environmental effects (Global Citizen 018).

So what can we do to reduce some of this waste? Here at Happy World Innovations, we decided to first tackle one of the biggest plastic use areas related to daily life: grocery shopping. Our tote and produce bags are designed to last and to eliminate much of the plastic that is normally used when shopping. 

Join the reusable movement today!